Charitable Basis

The charitable objects of the The Paristamen CIO are

  1. The advancement of the Christian faith
  2. Any other charitable purpose not inconsistent with (1).

This means we can potentially support almost any type of charitable work, but see the grant-making pages for our priorities.

For financial details, including our annual report and accounts, please see The Paristamen CIO entry on the Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission.  Our annual report and accounts are prepared to 31 March each year and are generally filed with the Charity Commission in August/September.

Sources of funds and affiliations. FRSBThe charity does not have a permanent endowment, but makes grants from donations received.  At present the charity has only a small number of donors although a recent legacy has increased our resources and enabled us to extend our grant-making considerably – see our news page for details.  However, we are pleased to receive other donations which would enable us to extend our grant-making activity.  We were members of the FundRaising Standards Board and anticipate having a similar registration as a smaller charity under the new Fundraising Regulator.

acf_logo_screenWe are also active members of the Association of Charitable Foundations and are active in the Yorkshire Grant Makers’ Forum.

We currently have three charity trustees:

  • Professor Gareth G Morgan (Chair)
  • Mrs Sharon L Morgan (Admin Trustee)
  • Mr Peter Gorbert

Al three trustees have a wide range of interests in the voluntary sector.  All grant-making decisions are taken by the three trustees together – trustees’ meetings generally take place twice a year in February and August (with additional meetings if special circumstances arise).

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