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About the intermediate grants programme

As a result of the legacy which The Paristamen CIO received in 2014, the trustees were pleased from spring 2015 to announce a new annual programme of Intermediate Grants.

Each year we will announce a specific theme for our intermediate grants, and we will expect to make two or three separate one-off grants of £2000-£3000 each within that theme.  Details of the 2017 programme are as follows – awards made under the Intermediate Grants Programme in previous years are summarised below.

2017 – Supporting Individuals and Families with Personal Financial Management in Yorkshire or Scotland

Invitation to bid for a £3000 grant – deadline 15 September 2017

For our 2017 intemediate grants we are offering two grants of £3,000 each to charities involved in the support of individuals or families on issues of personal financial management.  We hope to award one grant primarily for work with individuals or families in Yorkshire and the other primarily for work in Scotland.

Provided your charity is working primarily in this field we would expect our grants to be unrestricted: so you do not have to propose a specific project – we simply need to know how an extra £3000 would enable you to do more.

For full details of requirements and how to apply please click here (PDF 4 pages).  The deadline for applications is 15 September 2017, and we would expect to issue grants awarded not later than early November 2017.

2016 Programme – Community Toilet Provision

For our 2016 intermediate grants programme, the Paristamen CIO invited bids for the provision of toilet facilities in places of worship and community buildings in the Yorkshire region with no toilet provision at present.

We received 26 applications under the programme (all from churches). Three grants of £3000 each were awarded in September – in all three cases the churches concerned needed further consents to go ahead with a toilet installation, and the grants are conditional on the permissions being received by March 2017.  The work must then be completed and the toilet operational by July 2018.

For the invitation to apply (now closed) please click here for full details (PDF 4 pages).

2015 Programme – Music Therapy

For 2015, the chosen theme for our intermediate grants was The Use of Music in Therapy or in Addressing Social Disadvantage.   Three grants were awarded in September 2015 to the charities:

  • Music in Hospitals
  • Jessie’s Fund
  • The Music Therapy Charity.

For the invitation to apply (now closed) here are the details we published and the application process.

Future invitations: Advance Information

Details of the 2016 Intermediate Grants Programme are shown at the top of this page.  In general we expect to announced a new intermediate programme around March each year with a deadline of July/August to submit bids.



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